Trixy Aviation Products GmbH was established at the very end of 2010 in Austria.

The dream of a flying car initiated the establishment of Trixy Avation as a research and development company.
Flying cars were nothing new at that time. Flying cars had been in development since the 1930s and the development never stopped.
A simple search on the web would find and show many ideas. The famous Wikipedia documents some of the historical flying car developments.
Not only airplanes were developed to drive on the road. The developments also included helicopters and gyrocopters. Terrafugia is one of the latest roadable airplane developments in the arena. PAL-V is also one of the latest roadable gyrocopter developments which has recently been all over the media.

It was obvious that the approach that many developer chose in the past was wrong:
Driving an aircraft on the road with folded wings or folded rotors is not practical.
Apart from the complicated mechanics and the high price tag, most designs were bulky on the road and difficult to park in the city.
One aircraft type (airplane, gyrocopter or helicopter) is not flexible enough to fulfill different missions.
And above all, the air traffic regulations do not allow an aircraft to take-off or land everywhere. This is only permitted in air fields and airports.

Theapproach of Trixy Aviation is different. The strive to develop an electric driven, enclosed motorcycle, which can be docked into an airplane, a gyrocopter a helicopter a train wagon, a jet-skier or a vertical conveyor parking. Trixy Aviation applied for international patents and started working on the construction drawings to fulfill the dream. The development project started under the name TRIXYZ.

The Trixy Aviation development team decided to divide the project into several steps and started with the first step of creating an exceptional ultra-light gyrocopter. The project G 4-2 R (Gyrocopter FOR TWO powered by Rotax) was launched at the end of 2010, when Trixy Aviation was established in Austria with a subsidiary for manufacturing the gyrocopter in Slovenia (Letalstvo Farrag d.o.o).
Trixy Aviation presented the project for the first time at the AERO show in Germany in April 2011 and obtained the German type certificate after 14 months of detailed and complex work on January 12th, 2012.

Trixy Aviation presented its revolutionary Model Zero at the AERO show on April 18th, 2012. The prototype made its maiden flight in Magdeburg / Germany at the End of June 2012.

The Trixy Aviation Development Team continues the development of the docking system of the new revolutionary transportation system. One of millstones already behind – the presentation of a functioning prototype on the AERO 2015.


Our vision is to help improving life for our generation and to leave better living conditions for future generations on earth.


Our mission is to create realistic systems to be manufactured and marketed by the global automotive industry to suit the personal transportation needs and fit in the budget of most individuals with the aim to reduce emissions and traffic load on our roads.


Our strategy is to design compact and environmental friendly vehicles in several styles to carry two persons in urban traffic. The vehicle is to be equipped with a coupling system to easily and safely dock the vehicle into other devices to enable long distance travel on rails, on water or in the air.

The development is to include concepts, prototypes, patents, proof of concept, permissions for public use by the responsible authorities and introduction of products ready for serial production to the global market.

The developed products are then to be offered to the global automotive industry for manufacturing, sales and marketing.