TrixyEye is a Gyrocopter designed by Trixy Aviation based on the successful Model G 4-2 and enhanced for professional use in several fields, such as Aerial Photography, Media Broadcasting, Police Air Support, Traffic Observation, Border Control, Coast Guarding, Search & Rescue, Pipe Line Surveillance, Power Line Surveillance, Wide Area Fire Observation, Drug War, Avalanche Blasting, Animal Protection, Agriculture Spraying and many other Fields.

TrixyEye is designed to fly in different Climates with removable Canopy Glass and effective Cabin Heating System.

The Compact, Light Weight Construction requires Minimum Hangar Space and allows Easy Transportation of the Gyrocopter on Trailers or in Enclosed Mobile Hangars.

The Proven and Certified Camera Fixture allows the use of almost any Camera or Sensor. The Position of the Slide System close to the Center of Gravity of the Gyrocopter allows carrying heavier and larger Camera Systems. The Standard Glass Cockpit (Nesis III) is designed to display the Camera View along with Flight, Navigation and Engine Data. The Integrated Visual and Audible Warning System reduces the Workload of the Pilot and adds Remarkable Flight Safety while Performing Air Works.

TrixyEye is designed to carry an optional Drop Box or an Auxiliary Fuel Tank under the Cabin. The Drop Box may be equipped with Parachute to safely drop Rescue Gear and Goods. TrixyEye is easy and inexpensive to fly. It is designed with attention to Ease of Maintenance.


Length x width x height: 4.9 x 1.88 x 2.8 m
MTOW (Trixy 912 TI): 560 kg
Empty weight (Trixy 912 TI): 300 kg
Payload (Trixy 912 TI): 260 kg
The following data were demonstrated with takeoff weight of 500 kg, Rotax 912 ULS and 8.4 m rotor:
Min. horizontal air speed: 40 km/h IAS
Speed for best climb Vx: 80 km/h IAS
Speed for best climb Vy: 90 km/h IAS
Best climb rate: 4 m/s
Take-off distance: 80-120 m
Take-off distance over 15 m: 300 m
Landing distance: 0-20 m
Landing distance over 15 m: 150 m
Max. altitude Trixy 912 TI: 12000 feet

Frame: Welded stainless steel and reinforced for professional applications.
• Cabin, Engine Room Covers, Main Gear Strut and Tail: Carbon Fiber painted in white colour.
Engine: Trixy 912 TI (Turbo charger + Intercooler + Fuel Injection), 152 HP.
Rotor: Aluminium (NACA 8H12, Diameter 8.6 m).
Rotor Head: Type KK-1 in Aluminium and Stainless Steel with mechanical Rotor Break.
• Rotor Controls: Rods and Fork in anodized Aluminium.
• Trims: Electric Pitch and Roll Trim actuated from both seats.
Propeller: Neuform TXL3, Pusher, 3 Blades with constant speed controller (Diameter 1720 mm).
• Propeller Control: Electronic Constant Speed Controller in the pilot's Dash Panel.
• Pilot Controls: Throttle, Break Lever, Rotor Control stick with PTT and Trim Switch, adjustable Pedals to control the Nose Wheel and the rudder from front Seat only.
• Fuel Tanks: 2 x M.E.Rin Anti-Explosion, 68 l total capacity (32,5 l usable) w. lockable filler cap.
Instruments: 2 x EFIS Glass-Cockpits w. GPS, Air Speed indication, Altimeter, Compass, Engine Instruments (RPM, CHT, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure), Fuel Computer (Tank content, Fuel Pressure, Consumption), G-Meter with Warning, Rotor RPM with Warning, Data Bank including Flight Data, Attitude Data, Engine Data, Rotor Data, G-Forces, OAT, Pilot Log Book.
• Mechanical Back-up Instruments: Air Speed Indicator, Altimeter and Magnetic Compass.
• Pre-Rotator: Mechanical Pre-Rotator with Pedal actuation from the front Seat.
• Electrical System: Complete Wiring of all equipment with Circuit Breakers and Switches, one Main Battery + one Stand-by Battery and Automatic Management System.
• Main Gear: Elastic Strut with Alloy Rims, Aviation Tires and Hydraulic Breaks by Beringer-Aero.
• Nose Wheel: Steerable, with Stainless Steel fork and Beringer-Aero Alloy Rim and Aviation Tire.
• Bush wheels
• Canopy: Carbon Fiber Construction with fixed Windshield and 3-Point Lock system with warning.
• Windshield: 3 mm PMMA + UV-Protection including 2 Snap-On Vents.
• Seats: Carbon Fiber Structure and Leather covered Upholstery.
• Defroster: Axial Fan in the Instrument Panel.
• Landing Lights: 2 LED-Lights
Camera platform: Mechanical Structure suspended on the left side of the Cabin (certified for max. Load of 25 kg), electrical and manual operation from the rear seat.
• Removable Canopy Glass: PMMA + UV-Protection Including 2 Snap-On Vents in CF Frame.
• Cabin Heating: Radiator circulating Engine Coolant and Fan.
• Dual Controls: Removable Control Stick, Power Lever, Break Lever and Pedals (Rear Seat)
• 3 Layers, Weatherproof Paint: Special Paint Job for the Cabin, the Canopy and the Tail.
• Internal Cabin Surface Paint.
• Floor Mat in the Cabin.
Transceiver: FUNKE ATR 833 (installed and wired with Antenna).
Transponder: FUNKE TRT 800 H (installed and wired with Antenna).
ELT: AK451-21 (installed and wired with Antenna).
Traffic Awareness System: ADS-B and Flarm displayed on EFIS + Back-up Display.
• Nav/Strobe: 2 combined LED Nav and Strobe Lights on the cabin Sides.
• Auxiliary Fuel Pump: Electric Pump with On/Off Switch in the Instrument Panel.
Warranty: 2 Year Full-Warranty (max. 500 Operation Hours) including Parts and Labor.
• Documentation: Documentation required for export out of the European Union.

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