Liberty is an entry-level model, which is basically designed to operate with an open cabin. This model, however, can be converted with an optional kit into a gyrocopter to fly with a closed cabin. There were no safety compromises in this budget model and it is delivered with a 1 year manufacturer warranty (max. 200 hours of operation). The configuration with minimum equipment includes:

  • Instrument panel including 1 electronic Instrument (EMSIS II) for monitoring the engine and the fuel quantity, 1 electronic Instrument for engine RPM and rotor RPM, mechanical air speed indicator, altitude indicator and a magnetic compass.
  • Windshield made of Polycarbonate 3 mm.
  • Hinged entry cover made of carbon fiber composites with locking mechanism.
  • Seat cushions covered with sky-leather.
Length x width x height: 4.9 x 1.88 x 2.8 m
MTOW (depending on engine HP): 500 – 560 kg
Empty weight (depending on engine type and equipment): 255 – 310 kg
Payload (depending on engine type and equipment): 245 – 255 kg
The following data were demonstrated with takeoff weight of 500 kg, Rotax 912 ULS and 8.4 m rotor:
Min. horizontal air speed: 40 km/h IAS
Speed for best climb Vx: 80 km/h IAS
Speed for best climb Vy: 90 km/h IAS
Best climb rate: 4 m/s
Take-off distance: 80-120 m
Take-off distance over 15 m: 300 m
Landing distance: 0-20 m
Landing distance over 15 m: 150 m
Max. altitude with Rotax 912 ULS / Rotax 914 UL / Trixy 912 TI: 8000 / 10000 / 12000 ft



The following comprehensive accessory list is available for the model Liberty:

Heating system: heat exchanger and Pump for 2 overalls using engine heat
Co-pilot/instructor controls: control stick with PTT button, pedals, throttle and brake lever
Banking trim: Electric banking Trim
Special and Metallic paint: Surface finish for cabin and empennage
3-layer paint: Weather proof paint
Cabin internal paint: Painting the inside walls of the cabin
Special cushions: Upholstery with high quality foam padding
Cabin carpet: Custom carpeting for the entire cabin
Transceiver: Type f.u.n.k.e. (former Funkwerk) ATR 833 including wiring and Antenna
Transponder: Type f.u.n.k.e. (former Funkwerk) TRT 800 H including wiring and antenna
ELT: Type Ameri-King AK-451 built in with Antenna
NESIS III: Glass-Cockpit NESIS III instead of EMSIS II
ADS-B + Flarm: Traffic advisory system (available only with NESIS III)
Co-Pilot/instructor instrument: EMSIS II to display parallel Flight and engine data for the back seat.
Landing light: A landing light under the cabin floor
LED navigation light + strobe: Combined LED navigation and strobe lights on both sides of the cabin
Auxiliary fuel tank: Anti-explosion tank 34 (32.5 l usable) connected with the main tank
Auxiliary fuel pump: Electric fuel pump connected parallel to the main fuel pump
Wheel fairings: Painted, aerodynamic covers for the main wheels
Bush wheels: large size wheels for the landing gear (no wheel fairing available)
Snow skies: Skies mounted with standard wheels in the landing gear
Weather proof cover: Cover for the cabin and the engine compartment
Conversion kit: Canopy with integrated windshield without removable canopy glass
Removable canopy glass: Removable glass for the canopy to enclose the cabin (needs canopy)

Model: G4-2 / Liberty
Ident Description Weight (KG)
  Liberty-gyrocopter with standard equipment 245,0
A0001 Engine Rotax 912 ULS Standard
A0002 Engine Rotax 914 UL including an ESM (Electrical System Manager - A back-up system with a second battery) (additional weight & price) 15,0
B0001 Propeller DUC Windspoon Standard
B0002 Propeller Neuform CL3 (additional weight & price) 8,0
B0003 Propeller Neuform TXL3 (additional weight & price) 10,0
C0001 Rotor head KK-1 Standard
C0002 Rotor head TS-1 (additional weight & price) 5,0
D0001 Rotor 8.4 m diameter Standard
D0002 Rotor 8.6 m diameter (additional weight & price) 1,0
O0027 Heating system for 2 overalls 2,5
O0003 Dual controls 2,0
O0004 Banking trim 1,5
O0005 Control stick grip with trim switches for instructor/copiloty 0,3
O0006 Magneto switch for instructor 0,1
O0028 Special and metallic paints 1,0
O0029 3 layer weather proof paint 4,0
O0030 Internal cabin surface paint 2,0
O0031 Special seat cushions 1,5
O0018 Cabin floor carpet 1,0
O0007 Transceiver 1,0
O0008 Transponder 1,5
O0009 ELT 2,0
O0010 Instructor instrument 0,5
O0023 EMSIS Naviagtion System incl. a moving map 0,5
O0012 LED navigation lights + Strobes 0,5
O0013 Auxiliary fuel tank 3,5
O0014 Auxiliary fuel pump 1,0
O0014 Wheel fairings 1,5
O0032 Bush wheels 3,0
O0015 Snow skies 20,0
O0019 Weather proof cabin cover 0,0
O0017 Complete weather proof cover 0,0
O0022 Conversion kit (canopy with windshield) 7,0
O0033 Removable cabin glass (only with conversion kit) 4,5
O0024 Documentation required for registration 0,0
O0025 Documentation required for registration - outside the European Union 0,0
O0026 Preparation for Transport in Sea-Container or by truck 0,0
Weight: KG

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